Chattel House Candle Holder

Chattel houses are fairly small, often brightly-colored homes that can be dismantled and moved.  Their mobility ("chattel" is a piece of moveable property) was highly valued by plantation workers who didn't own the land on which their houses sat.  Without much notice, a worker could be fired and ordered off the land where his or her house sat.  It was more economical to dismantle the house and take it to a new location rather than to build another.  To this day, chattel houses have loose stone foundations instead of poured concrete blocks as a way of maintaining their mobile character.

 Rum Shop Candle Holder

Rum shops can be considered tiny bars which are attached to the owners' house and are made in the same way as original bajan chattel houses
Is an integral part of bajan history and culture 

rum shops mainly sell rum and other alcoholic beverages, as well as local food such us stewed, baked, fried or barbecued, cou-cou & flying fish, pudding & souse, fish cakes and cutters just to mention a few.
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