Founded in 1994 by Venezuela national Laura Ward, Earth & Fire has been producing quality ceramic products for over a decade. Ms. Ward, of Amerindian decent, was intrigued by the fact that the initial inhabitants of Barbados were originally from the Northeast of Venezuela and conceived Earth and Fire as a trans-cultural project.

Here at Earth and Fire we pride ourselves on quality design, construction and complete customer satisfaction. Our products are individually hand crafted with a passion for detail and authenticity. 

The Earth and Fire portfolio is inspired by our Barbadian surroundings, and features aspects of this island’s beautiful people, architecture and fauna.

We are delighted by the elemental nature of our work and very our name is inspired the fundamentals of ceramic creation; water, earth and fire.

Earth and Fire is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and we are committed to sustainable development of this beautiful island. Our clay comes from the Scotland District in the parish of St. Andrew and all the pigments we use are lead free.

Our hours of operation are 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m Monday to Friday  
  call for an appointment on Saturday and Sunday. 


About Earth and Fire